Sunday, September 29, 2013

Finally It’s Over

It’s been over for hours now obviously and things went OK but didn’t totally go as planned. Aside from myself getting side tracked there were a number of hold ups that sucked for both myself and G.E. .Such as, earlier today I had trouble getting media Credentials and was yelled at by both Mr Jackson and Security. but I was ok cause I new a pass was coming. In the game Garrett had troubles with recording., I had a few breaks here and there as well. but He made it work in his footage.

I met a few old marchingsport folks, I saw all my Texas Southern Band Greeks, I was glad to see and meet. I was glad to see Felicia! All these years and we FINALLY met. that’s amazing!. LOL Other than that. I met so many new folks as well who are technically old folks LOL. I saw my Kennedy folks too!

Overall, The game was live, The bands were live. It was Extremely Hype out there. I Enjoyed myself.  and I appreciate Garrett for allowing me to come up here and murder his refrigerator LOL! j/k but really I appreciate this one!. I hope to do more HBCU games soon.

I need New Equipment, I’m taking SERIOUSLY THO! lol

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