Friday, September 06, 2013

So Many things to Write about, To Lazy to Make do so.

At the moment I’m laying in my bed in the worst  position thinking I’m going to write something out.. So at the moment I’ll prop myself up to make that happen properly.

Now that I’m in a more Suitable position. I can speak my mind.

it’s 5am. Basically and I should be Waking up. Unfortunately I need to be going to sleep. I talked to J. Grows last night and today, I’ll be attending the Edna Karr vs St. Paul’s game  out in Covington, LA. That should be fun. I might have to buy a band shirt from Karr. Can’t wait to see the boys in the gold jackets dance like crazy though.

On My Part Here are some of the things I’ve been doing and  while absent from Blogger.

  • I’ve been to Houston to see my niece and back
  • I gave Aunya & Fred their Pictures I had taken last month of their anniversary. THEY LOVED THEM! I hope I get new clients because of them. they really appreciate my work and I appreciate them for choosing me and letting me know.
  • I’m getting a shirt soon, A shirt of my Logo  for when I’m out recording. because it’s football season and the bands are out, I must be uniform as well.
  • I NEED to get some more BDU pants. now that I think about it.
  • I’ve been writing on facebook most of my  thoughts. not great to do at all.
  • Uhhh.. I guess I’ll stop using the Bullets here.


So Far I’ve signed up for Jolicloud / Jolidrive. I even Downloaded the OS, I need to reinstall it though because I messed up while doing so the last time. I love that service. 
I also recently won a Maestro Occupancy Sensing switch from Lutron. and at the moment I can honestly say, I don’t even remember signing up for it specifically. I just happened to sign up for A large amount of giveaways in the past few days. I’m glad I finally won something. LOL Because  aside from that Ebay auctions are killing me. LOL!

Speaking of technology though. I talked to my cousin Merl. she was having PC problems and had asked me if I could help her. I did. even though she technically fixed the issue without my direct help or guidance .. lol  it was a POWER issue. She also asked me if I still had her old Windows ME PC. I told her I had fixed it. but at the moment, I have no clue what OS is on the system. Crazy right? lol  It may be an Oddball Operating system or possibly Windows 2000. if not. it’s XP.  I’ll see someday.

Also. On my part. Playing My PS2. has been keeping me occupied. Terrible.  I also have been talking to my friends both online and by text. They keep me sane on some subjects.. At this moment though I’ll have to turn this one in. and speak on more Later.

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