Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Apparently I’m The One That’s Trippin’

So I sent her a Text basically saying. “Hey I appreciate the time we had, but you played me. good look with your new dude”.   She calls me up saying “you need to stop tripping, Ryan is an Actor, we are on set, blah blah blah” … WRONG! I’m not stupid, don’t sit up here and paint a picture of Banana’s and tell me It’s  Tangerines.

She tells me “I’ll call you back, I’m going to get My daughter for School” .. OK.. we hanged up. if she calls back I will answer and just say it to her.  I know  he’s just some random guy you met, and I know you’re in a relationship with him. you didn’t have to just throw that out there and throw me away. the least you could have done was inform me for some closure. but hey.. I shall close this one myself.

I Ain’t Trippin’

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