Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Boy My Yesterday was fun!

I landed in Houston Monday, and I went out yesterday to TSU, Experiencing a different Houston via the Metro System again. My Commute was crazy to began and end with. I saw various changes to the city on my commute too. but when I landed at  Texas Southern, I felt right at home. .. for the most part.

My brother drove down town to work, I walked all the way downtown to hop on the bus, at first I got on the wrong one. when I realized that, I got off the bus and walked to where I needed to be to get to Texas Southern.  Before  I got to the stop though, a woman asked me or a dollar. I gave it to her. then I walked to the bus stop and sat down, nearly making the stool fall forward LOL. The bus came in a minute.  I got off on Scott at Wheeler & walked the rest of the way.

When I got to TSU, I basically looked around, observing the changes from the outside until I made it to the band hall. I walked in to many of my fellow former Oceanites as well as those who I’ve met online who were either before my time, or after. a few folks didn’t remember who I was LOL! funny thing is one of them was N Phi O. LOL.  Toured some new areas of the campus with my boy Shane. Basically The Renovated Student center. There’s a WoW  there now. As I talked to him about how it was I was there. The Campus over there has expanded greatly.

I attended band practice for about an hour,  Messed with the waves, took a few pix..  It started at 6pm I left at about 6.00 to begin my commute back to my brothers place.  I MISSED MY STOP DOWNTOWN.. I managed to get on track later with the help of the drivers and the rideline though. I got in at 9pm. On my commute some person asked me for change. I gave it to him. There was also a stop where 7 Hispanic people boarded the bus with groceries, it’s a shame because that’s so stereotypical.

That was my day yesterday. It was fun. I decided to not go out to day. I would have liked to met up with Ashley but she has to work. I hope I can reach her friday though. iono.
Another thing is, I missed out on meeting Ramonda once again. wow man. I think that girl is beautiful. 

I may head back around there friday. Gametime saturday. It’s gonna be LIVE!.

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