Monday, October 14, 2013

Houston Bound

I'm leaving to Houston with my brother & his wife, I will be there for a week as i prepare for the Texas Southern Homecoming festivities heading on. This will be good!. I hope to see my crab brothers and sisters. and all those online folks as well. I also hope to visit my former places of work. this shall be a blast.

My Brother and hus wive as well as the baby of course have visited N.O due to a funeral. I'll be heading back with them, only to be leaving  with someone who will be attending the game. Today, (yesterday) They  Visited the Church Bem pastors out in bridge city, they totally enjoyed it.  I'm glad they all got a chance to talk. I hope this week goes by fine too.

I will have to figure out my commute before 6:30 out in Houston tho while I'm there.
AHHH! I also hope to see my crab sister Ashley too

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