Saturday, October 26, 2013

I wrote this for a Band survey

I grew up with watching people in my neighborhood, family & friends participate in bands in the area. but It wasn't until 1994-95 until i really started paying attention to the bands. Every year, John McDonogh HS and Edward H. Phillips Jr. HS would march their homecoming parades directly infront of my house. I would watch in amazement.

During the mid to late 90''s My sisters, my cousins and their friends were in Bands and Auxiliary teams at  Both John McDonogh, & JFK. I even had a few at Sarah T. Reed High School. In the summer my sisters would attend camp and come home with their friends practicing routines.  As the school years went on, their Male friends would come over to my house from both John Mac & Kennedy watching band videos of performances arguing over Who was best. At this time I had only seen John Mac Live.. So my heart was with John Mac,

I Spend 1996 through 1999 Marching  in Jr High School where i got the chance to not only Marched but I was able to Witness the greatness of many of our School bands live, which contributed to me becoming a Bandhead.  At this time. still leaning more on John Mac only to be disappointed after their band program temporarily shut down.   While still in Jr High. I received a registration forms  for Douglass High School &  Clark High School bands,  But the only band that I could see my self marching in at this point was The John F. Kennedy Cougar Marching Band.

Summer 99  I attended Camp at Clark HS, for a while, but Having Sisters who Graduated from Kennedy  both having Leadership positions on their squads, Persuaded me to attend Kennedy for High school band. ..

Joining Kennedys band was not easy by a long shot, but I made it through after learning alot from my directors and peers. as a New band member, It was hard but I made it through with Flying colors eventually Outshining the guys In My section over the years and becoming The leader of my own section.

I am proud to have been part of that band even though I had my ups and downs and issues in school. Band was my outlet for stress, When the band was at steak, I ws stressing as well. but all in all, I Did what i had to do to Get Out of there and Become an Alumnus of the Greatest Band I Know.

I Also marched at Texas Southern University playing tuba as well. At this point though, I Try to contribute the Knowledge I have gained over the years about Marching band styles and concepts, I help run a marching band community online. as well as photograph & Video the bands, Not for Pay, for others can see the pageantry of this art on display.

I Personally feel that I'm Not only a Bandhead but an Enthusiast of the Craft, My purpose is to make bands look good while giving an accurate display of what they do best. because of this, I have been able to travel and meet Legends in the business. I am grateful for marching band.. Without it I would not be who I am.

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