Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Some things which were on my mind.

I still haven't Started on that blog i'm bound to make, I've been talking about it for months now. smh.
How abouit this,  I was accused of muffling the sound of JSU's band Smh, pure lie, I had to explain the way my mic captured sound to these folks. at that Game i met alot of folks,

The Following Week, thanks to James McDaniel and his help, I learned a little more about Videoing from my Camera,, I appreciate it. smh I know i wasn't that great of a service to Garrett while recording .. but I think i did OK. It's time for me to give it up and start working like crazy..

Now that i've said that. I have one thing that I need to work on, and that's to stop voluntarilly chiming in conversations with useless information, or voluntarilly saying things that I really shouldn't be talking about with others. because all it does is make me look crazy at the end of the day.

Recently I've been talking with Barbera Jean regarding her Recovery from Surgery to prevent from possible Breast Cancer. Basically the threat was there and she had surgery and is still having treatment.  I talk to her nearly every day.. and even to her i speak useless info sometimes lol. yet in some cases i do need to get the info out of my mind.

it's crazy though. I really should post here more..

As for Ira, I haven't talked to her since the middle of september.. That says alot right. YUP!.

Sometimes I feel like I'm my only friend ..lol

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