Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dreamt of Fighting someone I know.

I had the dream occur Yesterday.(not over night, but  yesterday) due to my weird sleeping patterns I sleep mostly through the day. 

Ironically this dream takes place in a place that doesn’t exist anymore. my old high school. with  a Constituent of mine whom shall remain nameless in this post. Basically  the dream was loosely based on how this person treats me in public had how he has treated me since high school. and I don’t deal with him on a day to day bases due to his “vendetta” to constantly try to belittle me when we’re in the same place.

In the dream, I’m  at my old high school with my one of my sisters, and this Fool walks up to me and mentions to my sister the situation that had happened.. then he goes on to bath mouth me based on situations I told him of  involving my Ex.  because of this, I Hit him. we start fighting and I’m punching away, yet I feel like my punches aren't doing any justice,  only a few hits & pushes, worked or if I lifted him it was a big deal.. 

Some how we were broken up, and he walked over to his car. and pulls out a gun, a silver pistol of some sort. So I see the gun, and it startled me, my sister runs over and confronts him  while he’s holding it.. I’m yelling at my sister as she’s yelling at him and pushing him.. With her help I knocked the gun out of his hand and knocked him to the ground.  My sister kicks the gun and when I picked it up it was no longer a real gun, but a toy. I dropped the gun and looked at him… and said “Dude, You’re Stupid” … I went over to hit him one more time.. When I grabbed hs face I woke up…

The only thought on my mind after this was “Why did this dream even happen” .. because oddly enough. it’s not the first time I’ve had a fight with this dude in my dream. yet this is the first time it played out in total detail. .. In truth. I don’t feel comfortable around this dude though, so that’s maybe why its happened that way. 

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