Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanks Giving Folks

Good News, Once again, my brother and his wife are coming to town. My Uncle Magoo and his wife are in town. This is great!.  am I happy YES!

In other news, Saturday , Sunday and Monday multiple times. Why? I don’t really have a clue, but my 2 guesses is she needed something done for her pageant girls, I’m sorry ma’am our friendship was voided when you decided to Ruin your own relationship. I was all for ya. now I can’t be.

Not to mention she’s re added me on facebook, I will not accept because I need time away from her, I can not allow myself to see her do as she was doing, as if it’s cool. because its not, It’s not all good. I still care for her being. as for what she does with her life at this point. I can’t do much about it. but that’s on her.

Last year around this time was when we first hooked up,  I could imagine her family asking about me… oh well  I hope her holidays are  happy.

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