Friday, November 08, 2013

Just A follow up and then some

I The thing about the Bar Fire has spread and was on the news, and in various news sources, its kind of high profiled simply because of the situations that has been brought about over the year relating to that location. The guy was caught on camera him and possibly an accomplice. according to the vehicle. which looks as if it had a passenger inside.    he was unfamiliar to anyone who normally came to the bar. .But its like “oh well” I just hope they find this guy though.  Ira even called/texted me about it recently.  yeah I answered the text.

On my part, I have received Books over the past two weeks, I’ve even got some goods online from stores, such as Lugz and  mainly for my older brother and a pair of kicks for my little Brother and myself. I normally don’t wear lugz but I guess since they were cheap, It was necessary.

The Books were related to church & theology I also have Ebooks and things I’ve been able to get. I’ve been on a few sites having fun, Facebook mainly. I’ll attempt to blog here more prior to the closing of the year, I don’t want this blog to go to waist ya know.

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