Thursday, November 28, 2013

spam is dumb

So I received this email  from a hacker … I knew it was spam right away due to the title obviously, but what got me the most was the spelling of (notice the a’s), The email address the message came from, the link to where to fix the problem. and the fact that It’s addressed to and comes from “Dear Customer”. PayPal letters don’t look like this. lol


On top of that, there’s this I purposely opened the link in a secure browser to a page that says Log In, I used random Information and another page comes up asking for your personal information, including everything regarding your credit card info. The real PayPal wouldn’t ask for all of that information to get your account back on track. especially  not a social security number.

When folks see this kind of stuff in their email they react before they totally pay attention to detail.  paypal only sense emails from their own domain. not a redirected domain or anything else. Watch out for spam/Phishing mails like theses.

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