Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Bar Burned down.

Yesterday on my mom’s birthday, at about 4am we began getting calls from my sister and some others about her and her husbands bar which was known as “TJ’s Island” being on fire. By the time firefighters were on the scene, it was already a total loss.

The Location of the Bar was in the Next to the Gym,  on Hamburg & Lafrenere Street in the 7th ward. PJ’s Bar & Grill Building.  That building & Bar has been there since the 70’s and own by Mr. PJ who lives nearby. 

My Sister & Brother In Law’s Reactions were silghtly confused because they know They had just closed the bar just a few hours earlier. only to get a phone call stating it was burning.  Otherwise they’re not totally upset about it.. They in a sense believe may have been arson and “covered up” to seem as if it may have been an electric fire. 

The Fire may have been Electric or it may have been arson. but we don’t know for sure of course. maybe by the flames and smoke, he firefighters may have been able to figure that out early.  I’ve seen photos on Instagram of the charred remains of the building. and people on line sharing their stories about the great times they had both in todays time and old days of the bar.

The reason folks believe it’s arson is due to the Murders in the area and the neighborhood groups not wanting the bar there, accusing it of the criminal activity.  and in light, they’re right due to the bar Drawing that type of crowd. so in light. these neighborhood groups got what they wanted. I just hope these folks realize that even without a bar there, crime will be there. that’s just how the world is.

I personally am glad that nobody was there, just imagine, if this thing a was an elecric fire, it could have been in a blasé a LONG time ago.

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