Saturday, December 14, 2013

Last Nights Dream | Lions , Panthers, Tigers & Goats!

Last night I had a Weird Dream that took place in my old neighborhood at my old apartment.
In this dream, my pets  were replaced by a Lion & a Black Panther, they were friendly like my dogs Chadder & Tigger but were HUGE!  They were both on leaches. We had a house full of people like a social gathering.  At some point while with the family i let my niece play with the both the Lion and Panther as i was being asked to do things.  When i got back to my niece. she had let both Animals run outside of the house. As I Ran down stairs chasing the Leached animals, I got onto the porch , where I was attacked yet also Embraced by a White tiger.

This Tiger basically rand and knocked me down because it saw me there. It licked me, then hugged me when i got back up and It ran off,,, When I lifted me head up  as it ran off I realized that there were a number of animals running Toward the Lake, up St Bernard avenue. as I was searched for My Pets,  I was stopped by a man who first appeared to me as a goat in mid transformation to man.  He told me  that something I did, caused the cause the animals to roam free,  He said he'd help me find my pets, but he was busy "Running Free" himself.

All I could wonder at the end of this dream was "What could this all mean?"

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