Wednesday, December 04, 2013

My Thanksgiving Week & Weekend Was Very nice

I had a full house this week thanks giving weekend. Really every day from Wednesday to Monday was eventful in my house. lots of food & partying,. I missed the Bayou Classic Events purposely because I had so many people over.  My Brother, His wife and Child. My Uncle, His Wife & My Cousin,    My other cousin His wife and Kids .. More Family and Guests alike. Full house for 5 days.

Sunday, My Brother’s dog was hit by a car, we got it treated and he’s fine. But it was hurtful to see him in pain. He was in shock. it was terrible. But now he’s back in Houston with a broken leg and other bone fractures, he’s doing fine thought.

The Week before that, I got calls & a friend request from The Ex. Unfortunately I had to refuse her request by ignoring it. and her calls.  I can’t align myself with someone who is not For me, I was Used and Denied all the time, Why call me now?  … It doesn’t matter because I’m good.

I see things that I shouldn’t see and I think its terrible. There is so much I want to say regarding what she does but I’ll keep it to myself. I have been trying to get her out of my head. The best way is to write my thoughts. Therefore I must.

So many online distractions keep me from blogging. I hope to blog more than twice a week in 2014. Let this work!

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