Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Due to this freeze Though..

It makes me want to Plug in my Surface to make sure that it will be on, giving me something to do just in case the power fails on us today. I doubt that will happen though.  I believe that we're just over thinking the weather situation at hand.

To touch on something else, This Band Alumni Group we're starting is a movement in the making,. I hope to be part of it for a very long time.  Getting the right people involved means a better way of making things happen fast. or at least "Not slowly"

Sometimes I find myself having interest in things that i really shouldn't have. and it makes me feel bed because I can't see myself even making that move. yet what I do see seems fairly nice..  It's just not a level I'm going to bring myself to.   Hopefully on my part I can find a better way around this.  I brace myself and then Surrender to the Lord for that matter!.
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