Monday, January 27, 2014

Fans are petty

The reason  I say That Aaliyah is because many of her fans really have a tendency to speak of her greatness as an artist while knocking other artist who may be getting attention on TV.. and when Somebody dies, they give fanfare to Aaliyah instead of allowing these people to be mourned on their own.  There are many other cases all over twitter.  In a sense its no different than Petty Beyonce threads but still.. LOL!  I love Aaliyah but dang the chick is not with us, let these artists have their moment! lol

They act like She was a Freedom Rider or something. really!

...Oh and these folks hear "Take me to the King" on Main Stream radio  so they Sing it like a Negro Spiritual that will get them closer to God or something..  They even Request this song in the clubs..

PhotoAfter a few days of Joking about the "D" being the worst letter in music....  I bring forth This pic LOL!
if your happiness depends on your "social status", Congratulations: You Lose!

Typically when i state things like that, it's indirectly directed toward the fact that my ex, along with many other females are materialistic and they want to claim hold to things that can possibly define their lives.

I had lots of band related discussions about the band song of the year, I even talked about having the rap tunes BANNED from next years ball season because they're just Looped rhythms that get tiring. and also even the big pop tunes weren't stadium rockers.. Folks don't have the ear for Technical sounds in band, its sad...

I saw somebody say this so i repeated it  So Beyonce got dirty chicks takin' baths now?

In other News...

Batista is Back.& The Ultimate Warrior is in the \WWE Hall of Fame now! YEAH!
I made a Jordan Rich Comparison about folks who buy shoes to feel clean and live rich but really but live dirty..

Grand Theft Auto Sesame Street #comingsoon LOL

Remember that Polar Vortex..
Photo: Haha XD
~ Ivy Doomkitty

On a serious note, I hope you guys are keeping warm and stay indoors as much as possible. *hugs* #polarvortex #subzero

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