Sunday, January 26, 2014

For the 2nd time in a while

I'm  actually blogging with's web platform. I haven't done this much since the release of windows live essentials. the problem today is, I'm blogging from my Desktop which is a Windows Vista PC. I recently found out the reason why Windows Live Writer refused to work on this computer and It was due to privacy vulnerabilities and windows made a decision to create an update which would make the program incompatible with this version of windows. I was forced to uninstall it from the desktop long ago but could never find a program to compete against what Windows Live Writer's platform.  Therefore I once again am using Bloggers web based WYSIWYG editor,

I rarely blog from my desktop anymore because it's a Vista. but I have a reason to write again... I'm doing just that at this very moment. Doing so has its advantages. but I do  have gotten used to blogging offline then uploading it to the site. It made my day for a while.  I will continue to do so as long as Live Writer exists.

I will also look into similar software soon.
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