Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy 2014

Normally I code out of one year, and then Code in another. well since its almost “A New Day” I will say that I’m happy to be here!

Since the last time I was here I received my Microsoft Surface 2. and also some other things. Gained some new “Friends”. Worked on some projects and am getting involved in other things. There are things I’m learning from and things that I have failed at But it will all work out.for me in the end.

Face booking has consumed a lot of my time, I will likely leave it alone to continue to blog.  I gotta blog more this year than ever. really!

My Goal in 2014 is to get involved and make Moves to succeed. that is all. No resolutions. not drama. Finding love is inevitable. … Speaking of that. I will eventually check my Last  January 1st post .. gotta see what I wrote….

It’s likely I wrote something positive  in reference to my Estranged Ex. That’s good though because 2013 was a Life Lesson. I have learned from it! and Will continue to man up!…

I thank God for what I have and what I have been through. It will only make a better me!

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