Sunday, January 26, 2014

I had to Expound on Mardi Gras to a friend earlier today..

After writing a status on facebook regarding the fact that Black History Month is being overshadowed by Greek & Roman based history & Myths of  Interest  within schools. I was asked today to expound on some of my thoughts.

Beneath the post, I basically stated that Mardi Gras Events and festivities have various ancient  themes as it relates to past hierarchy whether it be Religious fact or Myth, There are Krewes, Parades & Themed balls that all happens. during Black History month.  I used Mardi Gras as a clear example because it only happens in a few places, but It also Challenges a young mind.   These parades would have folks trying to figure out the How Does it all Relate to Ash wednesday... and its simply Mardi Gras carnival celebration especially The Day Of Mardi Gras has Non Christian Values as been celebrated by Christians Prior to a Holy Day such as ash wednesday.. Seems Backward but it falls inline with the religious text that stand before it..

I went more in to depth regarding the History of it. but as you can see.. All in all It still overs shadows Black History Month..

"Black Sheep Black Sheep, Have you any wool"  
I Wrote that because it was COLD outside.. Speaking of that, How about that whole Polar Vortex Situation or even the Beiber situation.. or even the Richard  Sherman Situation.. or maybe even the Legalization of Marijuana Situation... Boy The News is CRAZY in 2014 right?! yup.... (Obviously Black Sheep was a weed man) .. LOL . OH and no I DON'T SMOKE!

I'm Running for Mayor of the 7th ward, Who's voting for me? LOL!
I should go to bed, I've been having these weird Sleeping / waking spells, I need to develop a better pattern of sleep honestly.

On Top of Spaghetti, All Covered with Cheese.. I lost my Poor Meatball, when somebody sneezed...

Well. you get it.... LOL

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