Monday, January 27, 2014

Leonidas and Pigeon Town

I wrote a thread via facebook status saying that I hear folks from Updown pronounce "Leonidas" as "Lee-An-Dis"  or "Lee-And-us"   Rather than LEON-I-DAS or  LEO-NIGH-DIS".

Apparently "Lee-and-dis" is the correct pronunciation. This even led is yo the Pigeon Town vs Pension Town thing.. Which is correct. I don't know. But I'll leave it at that. LOL!

I asked  Luther Vandross of Freddy Jackson.  Luther Wins!

I Wrote this, which sparked a chain of threads LOL!
Welcome to "St. Josephine of Calliope Last Light On the Left Greater Apostolic Episcopal Lutheran First Pentecostal Second Baptist Missionary Church of God In Christ"

Holy Trinity of Earth Wind & Fire COGIC
Mary Mary Quite Contrary How does your Garden Grown, Christian Church" lol

I can say I've walk through MLK Jr's House.  I went on a tour while in Atlanta last year about this time. What was so amazing about that trip is, getting stuck between North and South Carolina LOL!

T-1000 be like "Say, That's A Nice Bike." lol #Terminator2

That tune made my day!

Some things that are often Said, should never be written, Such as "The N Word" or basically "hate speech of any kind! but also it happens all the time even I have to take back things i've written. but by then it's too late..

This brings me to a time in High School during Career day when a Survivor of the Joseph Stalin Reign over the USSR came to talk to us about the sugar industry.  .. I tagged my Teacher at the time in that post. It was funny to me. simply because everyone was BORED OUT OF THEIR MINDS that day. I remember this dude Moses messing with the man hard, asking unnecessary questions.
so i saw this Dancing dolls mini doc, and the 2nd comment was "The Dolls will always have haters!" the first comment was "I love the dolls" so Who was hating?
my point. some folks invent "ghost haters" for their favorite squads .. LOL!. nobody said anything negative prior to that comment..
That's How it is sometimes...

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