Sunday, January 26, 2014

Much Ado About Nothing..

Live from the New Orleans Superdome, The First ever Miss Birds Pageant, Starring Hot Boy Arthur Ray Batiste. From the Movie "Star Cars" Obi Wan Fashobi. And Co-Hosted by Hector Manuel Vasquez Gonzalez Rodriguez Lopez Martin! You got to love him!. and your host for tonight. the man about town.. Billy Dee Jenkins Jr., Give it up for Billy Dee LOL The First Annual Ms Birds Pageant will continue in a moment..
Sue me, As much as I really didn't care for that Birdman album, I love the skits and maybe 3 songs on the album. THAT above is one of the Opening Skits! from the Miss Bird Pageant. LOL!

Oh Man I watched the movie "Glory Daze" this morning and it was pretty funny. and for some reason it's made me want the Movie Soundtrack which was full of Garage band sounds from the mid 90's as well as some comedy tracks. I gotta look into that though. LOL!

I'm currently helping my former HS band director get information for letterman's jackets ..i know writing this was useless here but #CaptainsLog ya know. LOL! gotta be documented somewhere. I got 23 names so far.

My name is not Dave Bautista and I do not Walk Alone LOL!

umm.. Latino World Order WCW #ThatsAll

I Need to get that WWE Network tho. Before The Rumble, I think its available beginning tomorrow i guess.

I think its funny that folks are like "WWE is fake" but NFL & NBA stars hold up WWE belts when they win Championships.

Oh Man That Richard Sherman Rand Sparked XFL and WWE Memes Galore. I'd post one or 2 here when i run across them..

the struggle that Camera Men have is .. Cell Phone Competition.

When I Wrote that, I got a "Like" from my estranged Ex, she must might think i'm strugglin' lol

When you're listening to Earth Wind and Fire's "Got to get you in to my life" you typically scat the opening instrumental run, as well as the others in the rest of the song.

While Listening to Luther Vandross' "Never Too Much" you typically sing it mimicking his actions in the video.

Jamaica Funk. That's what it is... Let It Get In To You....

Summer Madness! by Kool & The Gang!

I also Listen to Tina Turner's "I cant stand the rain" earlier...

Running Away - Roy Ayers

if you see Dionne Warwick Walking down the street, Walk on By.. LOL

Yall know "ABC" by the Jackson 5 was a Rap song right? .. think about it.

In Truth, You could seriously Rap the lyrics. Via facebook a friend Reminded me of artists who all sampled from this tune as well. but over all. This 70's tune can also dub as a rap, same lyrical structure and all. it has all the elements of 80's hip hop in it LOL!

When ever you call me.. I'll be there.. I'll be around ....

Baby I can make you feel good #shalamar

Low Rider is like the Ultimate Chicano tune LOL!

Rastafarian Gospel Music, is basically, Bob Marley, Barry Brown, Black Uhuru Jimmie Cliff, Peter Tosh & Max Romeo's whole Repertoire LOL

nobody said ya cant snack in church.. why yall think the Praline lady is there! lol she got her Own Ministry lol " Praline 3:16 Ministry" LOL jk

Music is Music. you don't have to be INFLUENCED by it. because when you are, thats when "They" got you!. who are "They" ... #SATAN!

Proverbs 10:9 - He that walketh uprightly walketh surely: but he that perverteth his ways shall be known.

Random Elementary Thought Bubble :
I remember when Ms Dean & Miss Hall used to wear them Plastic Bag things on their heads when it rains.. lol

they be like "josh you should get a Mac, you got 7 laptops and 2 desktop running at once" ..but I be fixing 6 and workin from 1 .lol #THATSWHATIDO lol

I'm Gonna Start Anew here! HA!

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