Monday, January 20, 2014

So Much to say

It’s MLK day in America!! its been 24 year since its been a holiday. that’s great right?

In other news I’ve gotten myself caught up in a scam. Like a dummy I sent a package mailed to Nigeria, something I’d rarely do. but I,  being the generous guy that I am, wanted to Help this person get a product.  They have me some information to purchase the FedEx package. I used it.  but I should not have.  Like a dummy I will be forced to pay over $500.00 for a package to be sent.  Will I do it. Maybe. Maybe I’ll be forced to pay,. 

I received a call asking to pay for it from Fed Ex just a day after sending. Now I find that its on hold in the United Kingdom, I swear I will NEVER do this again.  Fed Ex could possibly send me to jail for not paying. I received a call from the place where this is going, apparently its an orphanage. the folks sound nice, but they want too much info. I’m requesting a MoneyGram. otherwise I can not  purchase the package.

I will NEVER give out my SSN nor banking codes to “Receive” money. this all sounds like a scam!

Why did I get myself into this???!.

SMH at myself…
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