Tuesday, January 28, 2014

That Arctic Shift

Today It's supposed to be The Day after Tomorrow (lol) in a sense that This Freeze is has shut everything down. I got up at 7am, Looked outside and the streets were empty. I turned on CNN and they were here in N.O on Canal Street talking about the expected weather conditions.   the word was "in an hour roads will be icy and everything will be lock" lol... Even yesterday Entergy called with emergency information "Gather your flashlights because Yall power may go down" LOL!

Its Amazing how we like to Prepare for disaster only hours before. Yet this is only a "Freeze" Its SNOWING in many places..

In Other news...
According to the recent facebook activity by my Ex, She Misses me. We arent connected to each other on facebook. but she is able to comment & Like  my postings. She has clicked "Like" on a few Statuses and Replied to One of them stating that she misses me basically...In a sense it it has me contemplating on re-accepting her friends request. but In a sense. I can't.  Unblocking her was enough. I really don't have anything to hide.. and Honestly as I was told earlier, To Block is really to break away from communicating. because otherwise it would be as if I wanted to be found.  Honestly, I don't like to "completely remove" people from my life. but I do wish to no longer communicate with her in  the sense that we did prior to the events that caused me to block her.

That's life..
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