Friday, February 07, 2014

It sux to get bad news ..

I just realized that the kid that was killed after a Hit & Run was the child of a friend from high school
The day it was reported I got the news posting it on my wall just because I'm get concerned when it comes to things involving kids. In any case its unfortunate for a child to lose their life & parents to lose a child. But it hits close to home when you know the victim or the relatives of that victim.  I really feel bad for Heather and her family.  I see folks writing on her facebook page with condolences  which are respectful to do. In a way. i wanted to write something on her page showing my concern. but it really doesn't make things better ya know. It's tough for her and her family. I just wish them peace.

I found out that Someone I knew who used to hang out at My Sistet's bar Recently passed away. Most people say it was accidental or some kind of heart attack.I read this on his facebook page where folks were giving condolences as well. I feel sorry for his family. I knew them all they are good people. it sucks to hear of that kind of thing though.

Lastly, although this is different. A friend of mine is dealing with her grandfathers health and I really feel bad for her She called me crying and i totally understand.  I just hope his recovery is 100% because hearing the circumstances that caused him to be hospitalized is just terrible. I have so much to say but i can't all put that down./ I just hope for a full recovery for her grandad.
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