Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's hard to share Condolences

When  someone passes away, It's very hard for me to share words of sympathy. Truthfully we want folks to know that we care. but there aren't many words that you can say that will make these folks feel better.  and it's  Its common to say "I feel sorry for you loss, Prayers up, Keep Your Head Up or Stay Strong,  Why? Because for the most part I feel that there are always greater words to express.

A friend of Mine recently lost a son and she really is having a hard time dealing with it. Due to all the folks speaking their minds, at this point all i'm doing is clicking Like Buttons. I do want to say something and it's never too late to share thoughts and prayers like these folks are doing.. but It's just hard for me knowing that what I say really can't bring her child back.  In cases like this, although I do care. I say nothing other than Expressing my thoughts on the situation that caused the kids death. Things like that don't really help folks cope with it. I just wish her the best, because God always has a plan. The loss of her son was an accident and I really hate that it happened. At most It hurts more knowing that this kid spent the last moments of his life knowing he was about to die.. It's terrible to think about really.

I hope that she finds justice in what ever case will be brought .. She wrote on her page, "No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper"  Song Lyrics by Fred Hammond  which comes from Isaiah 54:17 in the bible.  I wish  Heather and her family peace in these times.

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