Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I've started a Drive to get myself new equipment

Via "GofundMe.com" I started a Crowdfund to help build funds to purchase new photo/video equipment. The price chosen was based on the price of a Canon 6D actually because it is a dream camera of mine. Otherwise. I would rather just purchase equipment for my current camera with the funds.

The reason for this is because for years and years I have provided free footage for the world to see. For the most part, the money I do have, I have to pay bills with & or Travel funds, Beyond that I never have anything saved long enough  purchase needed equipment.  Therefore I am asking for help to make that happen.

Here's the link to my Crowdfunding page.

I will be adding this link to my side bar real soon.
Here's the proposal via the page. 

     I'm A Marching Band enthusiast and an administrator at Badhead.org, a social network for the marching band community. We provide highly anticipated videos for the site visitors to see. Because of this I spend alot of my free time documenting collegiate and High School Marching Band Events In the South Western Region.
The video you see posted is just a special projects currently in the works.
       I purchased my Canon t2i DSLR in 2011, my only goal was to take photos with this camera, But that changed when  the camcorder I filmed with, died due to water damage. I was forced to make the transition to filming with the DSLR. There were major set backs because i didn't have the proper equipment to video with. After purchasing some proper peripherals I was back in the game.
     Now in 2014 Due to wear & tear on my current equipment as well as the evergrowing demand in Digital Multimedia. I am in need of new peripherals to provide Quality Images & Video to those who follow my work
       My Goal at this point is to purchase a Better Lens,  Stablization Rig, Mic & LED Lighting for my current Canon camera OR Upgrade the Camera altogethar.The ammount chosen  along with my own funds should cover either puchase. 
To Those who do decide to support me on my mission continue in my craft. I appreciate you and I thank you in advance.
You can find more about me as well as my work by following this link. 

I Hope this works out for me!.
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