Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Perspective on The Whole Gritty City

I honestly couldn't wait for this day to come. that our band community would be reflected across the World in a positive light. and now that it's been done and has aired live. It's got the whole band community talking.  There were so many elements of this documentary that I have to Talk about. Yet I really don't have to say THAT much about because it speaks for itself.

What I can say is this. The Documentary embodies the spirit of our band community in a very monumental way. It's true to life and it's something that totally explains the things that I constantly have found myself trying to tell the folks band websites.  The Whole Gritty City practically forces you to understand the Nature of the New Orleans Bandsmen. from The Directors, to Students, to Parents, to the Community.  I remember writing to Richard Barber about the documentary during its production telling him how This project will be for our community.

Amazingly, This was a post katrina film which captured Bands in its Renewal Stages, The total revival of our city & band community. Each band in our city was represented in some kind of way whether they were mentioned or not. I am every Excited that The world watched and are commenting about this documentary. My facebook timeline is full of conversations.

I myself. have so much to say. but I will expound more on my thoughts and what folks are saying soon. I can't put it all down right now due to my level of excitement I'm reading what others have to say about it and then some.

Thank you Richard Barber and your Crew as well as everyone involved in the project. The band community really appreciates this film it is pure and justifies what we all do and exactly why we do it.

For those of you haven't seen it.

Go to This Link at CBS News (The Whole Gritty City
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