Monday, February 03, 2014

Saturday with the Family

Sunday was my Great Aunt Mary's 90's Birthday. We celebrated her birth Saturday night, she was very thankful at the party we had. I spent that night taking photographs of my family at the event. It was very nice. It's great to see my family and extended families. did I know all of those people? .. Nope But I know for sure that we were ALL RELATED. LOL .. except for the camera man they hired. He was a cool guy. I might be getting a call from him. soon.

 Overall My weekend was great Due to that event as well as Watching the Superbowl. Great game. very interesting social networking going on during that period as well. but now that the hype is over. Life moves forward.

Back to my Aunt Mary, That woman is Blessed. most of her siblings passed away in their 40's and 50's even their parents.  My Grandma passed away in her 70's  These women have children in their 60's so just imagine how many cousins i have  that are grown men & women that i really don't know. LOL!


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