Sunday, March 02, 2014

My Endymion was Live

      My Day started out with a Bus Ride to Carrolton, avenue.  wasn’t sure how the bus was going to run because the crowd was thick, I wanted to get off my Delgado Community College where the parade began.  So when getting off the bus, there were humans in the masses.. I walked back down Esplanade  to City Park Ave.  on to the parade’s start at  on Marconi Dr.  next  to Delgado Community College. where I Waited for 4 Hours for the parade to start and for Karr’s band to come.

      Prior to waiting, I sat and ate a meal  at Subway, Then walked back to the Route. I was there before all the bands. Talladega College Led the parade. I saw them come through.  At that moment I saw the Talladega guys out on the streets they were asking for pics to be taken and all that good stuff.  some of those people I Knew for YEARS and finally met. All love and No shade at all from the Talladega camp. Those cats are rocking it.

I saw McD 35, and met Robin the founder of our NOLAB  (PHOTO OPP!)

I ended up staying at until Karr came so I could walk with them. at first I thought they had left me, I was ALMOST going to walk with McD35, but It was only hair that I walked with Karr.  After getting all this good footage of Belaire HS and McMain HS at the beginning. I was ready to roll. 

.. I walked the whole rout with Edna Karr’s band. The crowd was hectic so much going on, but the parade ended RIGHT! with Karr & Bellaire battling it out  and ending the parade! it was awesome!.  The parade ended I saw a few friends.  we all split.

As I was on the way home, I spotted my Cousins at Bourbon & canal. This was after stopping at McDonalds  only to spend 2$ on apple pies that should have only cost me 50 cents  a pieces .. I spent nearly 5$ on a drink & two pies… Anyway I saw my Cousins at the Corridor of canal & Bourbon, My Cousin lance gave me one of his drinks. I also took a few pic of some of folks out there LOL!.

While Standing there, They were checkin out the girls and I was Lookin but that’s all….
We I ended up meeting this guy who came at me to shake my hand saying “Man, I know you but you don’t know me. I know what you do. I know your work you’re the man” ..  He even told a friend he was  with “Man, That dude is famous bruh”.  I really appreciated the commentary LOL!  I was responding like “Cool. Cool…”  he basically was glad to meet me because he watches my YouTube page and that’s a good feeling to know when folks appreciate what it is you do.  

I ended the night very tired yet I couldn’t really sleep I have so much to do today that I couldn’t have done yesterday hadn’t I gotten home at 5am LOL!  anyway  I’m still tired. my feet hurt and I have a party to do.

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