Saturday, September 13, 2014

Where do I stand Politically?

I've taken the Political Compass Test, and I think I understand it much greater than the last time i had taken it.  I may retake the older one. The first time I took a "Political Spectrum" quiz. This time I took the Political Compass at Here are my Results. To your Left.

Economic  Left -0.62
Social Libritarian, -1.74.

According to a few charts I've seen describing this position on the chart,. It's only Basic Liberalism.

The Previous Quiz I had taken had me Positioned at a Social Moderate.. (My Old quiz Results HERE) Yet according to the chart below it's called "Social Dimocratism".  I May re take that particular test because it breaks thins down into more detail. Below is the chart describing my position as a Liberal.

Quizzes as such help tend to  me to define where my mind really is when it comes to debatable issues concerning life as an American Citizen or a world citizen/  I will also post my most recent MBTI results soon. I think i may have, but i'm not sure so I'll so it ONE MORE TIME! lol

I'll search for the previos quis and take it. reposting those results as well.

 - The Book

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