Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bonose Passed Away | Rest In Peace My Friend!

I got word he passed away in his sleep, sad to hear.

If you don't know Bonose. He got that name in 2000 as a Crab at Kennedy high school after one of the upperclassmen told him his nose looked like a Bow. Just like anybody, he hated the name for a while, but It made him popular among the ranks of the Trumpet players in the school,

Bonose was a what I would call a true bandhead, He used his knowledge in technology to promote what was going In the school and eventually what was on in the band community,
In 2000 I had built a website for myself, which I transformed to to a band page for Kennedy by 2001.. When I told Bonose about it out he asked me to make one for him.,, Because he was Previously making stationary publications and mock fliers full of school related stuff and "Self promotion" He told me he wanted to bring it to the Web.. his sole purpose was to put Everything Kennedy on one site, so I helped him get that started creating logos, scanning pics, creating pages etc. it was all New to him, we both were just trying to figure out how it all words

Fast forward 2002, He was the Band Tape Man and bad CD man. He would record with thus Big "Channel 6 news" JVC VHS camera he bought from the pawnshop.. Covering band events and carrying the camera and a bookbag full of Tapes and CD's, By. I had gotten a Digital camera to post some videos online, that was amazing to Bonose. He told me he wanted Help him do it too, Together we created the logos ad began recording to introduce what he called "Bonose Entertainment" to the world,

Bonose constantly shared his aspirations to make Documentaries Movies "Bonose the movie", "March like its hot" etc... We would laugh about it all but he was serious about living his dream as the man behind the band footage.. He went on to college at Miles and then SUNO for communications,

With the growing social Media and the access to videos online became a major part of his promotion.Bonose Entertainment became "Bonose TV Productions" and it was the staple of the N.O club scene. he used this technology to "Blow up" Upgrading his camera to digital, he also aligned himself with popular radio personalities and hip hop artists in the city which led to him Not only covering band, but every day life.. which eventually led to the clubs and music videos, Most of allt he never forgot to promote the bands, band was his passion.

Bonose continued to do those paid gigs and music videos, as I became pretty much known for taking Photos and eventually video of the bands it got to the point where every time we would talk, it would be in appreciation for each other's work....

Every convo would be "Bookie bruh If I blow up, We gon blow up together and if not, I you got half on my first million cause we started this together" .

The Last Time I talked to Bonose was around Tax Season, we Reminisced about a lot of the stuff and beyond what I stated in this post. It was always good talking to bonose ..
... It's crazy hearing about his passing, It's some things that i had planned to include him in.. I guess that won't be happening now. .

Bonose was the man though, He's one of the reasons I do what I do... Thank you Bonose for the inspiration
I'm gonna miss that dude
"Taking Pictures when they see me, I'm on BONOSE TV!:
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