Friday, September 30, 2016

I Appreciate It, Man I Really Do!

 Although I won't say who did it, I'm just giving a "Thank You" to the guy who looked out for me about a few minutes ago,   Today I woke up to a messege on my phone that a transaction did not go thru for the bill. I checked my bank account and there's only $7 in. which was actually  part of a $150 Deposit  which all went on fixing an overdraft. So Taking the little funds I had in my pocket ($70), I used that money to assure that my account stays open for the next month, while also paying my Phone bill in the process to keep IT on.. On top of that, I had to call a the collections agency to tell them that I won't be able to make the payment for monday due to insufficient funds. With that, it's nearly too late to be pausing something I've paused for just this past month. It doesn't help. it only hurts because It just stunts my that bill for another month.

Strugglefest 2016...
There's been this pending Battle of The Bands coming, and knowing I didn't have anything in the bank. I was just gonna pay at the gate on the day of,  After I decided to deposit all my funds, It was clear that I wasn't going to be able to attend the event.. So I came home, and made a post on facebook about it.

Fast Forward about 30 minutes ago, I was contacted via messenger by a guy who is  well known for his own videos,  He told me he wasn't in town to attend the event himself, but after my seeing my post via facebook he decided to look out for me by purchasing a Ticket in my name.  Also thinking about the fact that  Bonose has passed away, He asked if I was going just to enjoy the battle or to video, I told him I plan on shooting video,  and constantly thanked him for the ticket.

This Gesture & Action is greatly appreciated.I didn't expect it. I wasn't  asking for, nor expecting it. but I'm grateful to even have somebody just come and say "I got you".  especially for it to be a fellow bandhead, a person who also contributes his time and money to the band community.

If you're reading this, I appreciate you bruh! Thank you!

- Book 

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