Friday, September 23, 2016

The Philosophy's All Wrong

No matter how beautiful I think a woman is, I often find that her philosophy on many subjects would be the very thing that turns me off.  I like a woman I can hold a decent conversation with, and have a mutual understanding of a particular subject, no matter the differences. Yet with certain subjects, especially dealing with Expectations.

In many cases I speak on things i haven't quite experienced, but even with that. I try stay on a positive track regarding the subject of Male and female relations. Others may have a different approach. but me, I respect love. t

Love is losing these days for me, because it's caused me pain.until i could find an equal love. I will be lost without it..

I love all my female friends, but there are reasons that i can't directly explain on what I couldn't date them,,,most of that reason is because i'm not prepared for a female, the other is basically their own outlook... yet I think i can "Deal with them all lol

There will be more to this in  a future post..
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