Friday, September 09, 2016

Sold on the Standard

The reason the industry standard are exactly what they are is because you've been sold on the product to the point where you aren't willing to try something different. Especially when The industry standard was created and marketed by the company that created the product.

Example: Microsoft Office, It's the standard, Why? because You made it that way. I personally have tried to get people to use Alternatives if they don't have access to the Microsoft Suite, but they refuse. Why? because they're so sold on the Microsoft product, that they have no desire to try everything..
Them: Hey Josh, Where can I download Microsoft Office Free?

There are a trials online, And If you use Outlook, There's a free Online Suite, you can do everything there. and it saves automatically

Them: But what if I'm offline?

Me: Use Free Alternative, Open Office and LibreOffice work the same way as Microsoft office, with alternatives to Powerpoint, Excel, and Access

Them: But I Need Microsoft.
Me: No You Don't...

And after a million Q&A they are lucked out on a Decent office suite because: 1 They don't want anything other than office, 2. they don't want to pay for Microsoft office, 3. they'd rather have office, 4. they have the expired trial and they'd rather find the Serial or crack.

I'm like, Suit yourself, Get a I'm just trying to help you out...

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