Saturday, October 01, 2016

My Last Convo with Bonose

I ran just across an article which brought a memory of My last conversation with Bonose.

As seen in the screenshot on September 11 I received a call from the man himself concerning an issue. He was working on a video project and had deleted files from his memory card by mistake and needed to know how to get them back. He stated that he had trouble finding a program specifically for a Mac, Although I'm a windows user I gave him the name of a program that I thought was most effective for the job and how it works, It just so happens is that there was a Mac Version. He was like "Thanks Bookie Dawg! I knew if nobody know, The Book was gonna have something for me ".

And of course that convo ended with us joking about how if it wasn't for the K we both wouldn't really be who were are..

My Mind is still blown that this man passed away.
. RIP Bonose!

The blurred Call's before and after are both my best friends, that says alot about my circle.
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