Sunday, November 20, 2016

Changes. I Gotta Make It Happen.

I always mention it. I rarely act right away therefore I never have consistent and persistent progress. It's something I want, I need stability. Last year around this time of the year It was the same way. one missed opportunity is a major setback. this one, honestly lastyed 2 years and I need to break that. It's my fault. I gotta get things straight again. No longer depending on the gigs I do. because they don't come often anymore. I had one today but I couldn't make it there. am I worried. no because that's life.

I'm not depressed, I'm happy, just not comfortable nor satisfied. I just haven't taken action to better my situation.  With that said. I have to plan to. I've avoided things just to make myself available for every thing, it's only set me back. I gotta get away.

about a week ago. i talked to Felix, A guy from High School I had been cool with, He gave me some words of motivation. Although sometimes I find myself thinking "Man, Felix is on some other stuff". I can honestly say that I understand his philosophy and I respect his mindset.  So for him to actually pray for me while conversing made me feel kinda appreciated in a great way. I respect that. I also appreciate him saying "You gotta do it for you, just like you do it for everyone else" ... those are big words man.. big words..

I just gotta make things happen for me..
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