Sunday, November 20, 2016

Then Unintented Negative

There are things that I'd rather just say to folks to be honest and or informal, but It comes across as a negative to them and it makes me look and feel like some kind of fool, as if I was wrong. But I guess that brings me to just not saying anything anymore and taking my thoughts back to this blog. It's a very important thing that I try to connect with folks to share my thoughts with them personally. but it seems that the backlash I get is total disrespect to me. as if I'm the bad guy for mentioning things.

In a world of great communication, we all fail to do it properly. I can execute something with positive intentions and get total negative feedback that makes me look like the bad guy for being honest. I know I loosely stated that to begin with but I had to say it again..It's like now It makes me wonder if it's me. Maybe I should either evaluate my own approach. or just leave things alone. because I know now that folks reactions to my honest truth is always just bad.  It's why at times, total isolation is the best way to get away.

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