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Christmas Tradition | Fiction matters to Kids.

Year after year, folks get on facebook yelling "Stop lying to the kids" and asking questions about the significance of the fictional characters (Santa) that goes along with Christmas. I found myself partaking in many discussions, eventually leaving it alone. because folks are stubborn and not really willing to hear you out. they just wanna throw their thoughts in your face and say "F your thoughts"  and that kills me a bit.

There are many folks who claim to to be part of something so they speak against what they believe is the fictional side of everything. many of these people have kids and refuse to do things in celebratory fashion because it takes away from their pockets.. but for in my opinion it only takes away from the kids.

  Here's where I get Outlandish. 

There are many elements of religious and non religious elements to Christmas, but of today Christmas is a hybrid of many religions as well as fictional elements. otherwise their are other Celebratory holidays which take place in this season if you're of other cultures or alternative cultures and religions

Christmas itself has many Characters and symbols to represent it Santa Claus is a major part of the Childhood Celebration. most people assume that Christians invented santa. part of that could be true considering St. Nick was  an actual person who was made a Saint by the Catholics. after being known for his good deeds in life.  But that's only one element to it. It gets crazier.

Most of us know that Santa was created to help the kids understand the time of the year.
Of course the truth is, Your Parent work hard to get you presents and its not "Santa" but folks who are selfish tend to want credit for themselves instead of allowing the children to have an imagination. You Take away a Child imagination when you take away the stories and characters.

To Go To the Extreme with this, Let me break it down some non religious Christmas characters a bit

Santa Claus
is a man, he wears fancy red outfit, he spends his whole life running a toy factory in the north poll. and all through the holiday season he' breaking into homes of people with Chimney's tro drop off toys and eat their food.  Santa Also Possesses the powers of God: He Sees everything, He Knows everything and delivers toys to the good kids, drops a lump of coal for the bad kids .

Good for teaching moral values to children .. "Be good or you don't get the good gifts" lol
Bad if that child starts actually believe  the elements *as if that's the case*Real.... like "Back To The Future"real,  right? 

The Debates over his Existence even causes race, culture and religious wars. but they totally forget about the other characters that goes along with Christmas..I won''t get into the symbols, but i'll get into a few things.

Santa's Little Helpers  / Elves : These are dwarfs depicted with  pointy ears, they assist Santa with everything. They manufacturer toys and gifts. Like Play Station, X-Box and all that good stuff  your parents buys. YES, They make ALL OF THAT.
But to understand Santa is to know that he has assistance, it goes hand and hand considering Santa has been an old man since forever.

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer / Santa's  Reindeer  Santa has 10 flying reindeer. with all special skills. we know them by name. we also that the most special of all was Rudolph.  We also learn that Rudolph was bullied by the other reindeer because of his glowing red nose, In some stories, he's depicted as a young reindeer that couldn't fly and had a hard time learning.   Santa sees potential in Rudolph and asks him to Guide the sleigh. because his nose will be a direct beacon to let everyone know that  Santa's on his way.

You never hear anyone complaining about flying reindeer though. lol

The North Pole is where Santa  lives with his wife and prepares for his world tour., He lives there because he's "Real" and not a sky god. of course NOBODY lives at the north pole because it's an ever shifting block of ice.. The actual Pole is depicted as a candy cane  Santa apparently Lights the Yule Logs all year around.  ..Santa Celebrates Yuletide, eh? lol 

Other Characters

Ebeneezer Scrooge:  A mean spirited character  from Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Story"
The Characters are fake, but the Elements and inspiration for the story are real. - Scrooge is basically an old man with a bad attitude. his demeanor ruins the spirit of Christmas.
As the Story Goes, He's visited 3 spirits
The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future -  They show him  how things were, how things are, and how things will be if he doesn't make things right.  We are also introduced to the character Tiny Tim in this Novel  He's the youngest son of scrooge and is bound to die if  Scrooge doesn't change his ways.

Great Life Lessons.

Jack Frost: I'll be honest, I never got into this character, but he's been depicted as both a bad guy or good guy depending on the stories told.  But According to Wikipedia, He's one of a variant of many Seasonal deities. (Just looked that up, big eye opener, yet somehow loosely understood because i heard of a few from all seasons.)

With that said.. Like any other holiday, there are characters that Help us understand the time of season. There's way more to it than this, but our duty is to make the holiday Fun, and afre for the kids.. but there are so many in denial that it takes away from the life and spirit of the children.

Let those kids believe until they're old enough to know and understand that it's just fiction, but to also gain the lessons that come with the stories.  Be good to  yourself. Don't be Scrooge. you'll just ruin it for us all. .

- The Book
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