Saturday, December 03, 2016

Descriptive Terms | We Know What You Mean

Just paying attention to the descriptive terminology  and how easy it causes disruptive conversation.

Take into consideration that this alleged eyewitness at a restaurant which is across a major avenue from the location of these alleged events which to my knowledge was not reported by any news outlets.., These are his accounts of this happening

Nike Store Parking lot is also the same lot as Clothing stores, a Bank and Shamrock (A gaming bar & grill) also. The lot is HUGE. The shooting could be totally unassociated with any business on the property.

Although there were few comments, the 1st comment was " New Jordans Must've come out" .

Hadn't "Nike Store" been mentioned, comments as such wouldn't have been made so quickly.

However, it's easier to associate Black people and crime with Nike Shoes than to associate it with an Irish-themed bar where non-black typically hang out. Though the topic starter didn't directly mention a race, he gave everyone a reason to pin the crime on someone black.

In Conclusion, This New Orleans and we have lots of crime, it's very likely the usual suspect will be a young black male, therefore it will be easy to say "Black folks did it" , because of this, Although it's messed up to say, it's fairly laughable when the commentators are 100% wrong.

For the most part. like any classic forum gives users to comment anonymously which is a great advantage when wanting to troll or bait folks into certain subjects. Personally, I read specifically to look at their word usage .. in cases as such,, the words "Urban Thugs" and a few others clearly mean "Black People"

In the case of the above events, it associates  the alleged crime scene, directly to a store where black people are assumed to frequent for branded shot.

..."We know what you mean"  ...Just sayin'

- The Book

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