Sunday, December 18, 2016

I'm Still Out of It!

I may have to check in a hospital. Since Tuesday of last week, I've been feeling dizzy while standing. The first two days of this, I couldn't stand, eat nor drink. When I did so, I regurgitated. 3 days later I still felt bad, just not as much. I was able to eat enough to satisfy my hunger. On the 4th day, I was able to bathe and walk around without a need to abruptly lay down. Still, after a few hours, the feeling returns. it's as if I'm visually impaired, my coordination is off, heaviness on the eyes and ears and then I hop in bed like a drunk person. Today, I'm gonna sit vertically as long as I can.

Today's the first day I've sat at the PC since having those symptoms. I diagnosed myself, yet I'm no physician, that's not a good thing. The rest I've gotten has helped,  but it's no fun in waking up still feeling light headed. I feel a bit queasy today, just not enough to regurgitate. I've never felt this way before.

My Right eye is much worse than my left eye, I need that checked. The light is affecting my current condition. It's caused me to squint because it hurts. darkness is fine. I've been able to read from my tablet and phones, but turning on the overhead lights in the room has killed it for me, not so much now, though.

In spite of this, I've managed to recline or sit upright for a while with minimal change in condition, yet hoping it would help the situation. I've sat through some hours of TV, otherwise, I've been lying in bed listening to music or reading, but It doesn't pay to lay all day.

To be honest, this all may have stemmed from drinking beer and alcohol.  I am not a drinker, but My Birthday took place the first weekend of December and I wanted to ring it in with a bang, Well. BANG! I wasn't drunk anything that week. Last week, the bomb was dropped. and I feel TERRIBLE!

Being sick is a rarity for me, so when I am it feels CRAZY!. Maybe I should check in. There's a lot wrong with me folks,  I'd be embarrassed. but who cares! It's my body. my health, and my life, Only I can care for myself better than anyone else. I have to solve these problems and regain control of my life. I don't like for people to have pity for me, So I didn't tell many people,  But it's about to be 2017 and it's time I gain my life back.

-  The Book 
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