Sunday, December 11, 2016

Small Business Administration

Linda McMahon's over the SBA, that's pretty cool considering that WWE is a big business that engages in talent relations with small businesses for the sustainability of their product. Without the smaller markets, WWE wouldn't have the majority of its current talent. Also, when it comes to marketing, live events, they're on top especially with an audience that has been sold on to the product. Although the company started in the 1950's WWE has pretty much been a beast in the entertainment industry since Wrestlemania 1

Consider the many major companies sold to Disney,
How many former TV companies are now owned by VIACOM
Or the fact that big companies like Universal sold to NBC.
and even the fact that All the companies that Branched off from AT&T Merged or sold with them... Well, WWE is up there with them.

Linda McMahon being good for business.
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