Saturday, December 24, 2016

Rest In Peace Carl!

Today I woke up and couldn't believe my eyes. There were multiple posts on my timeline mentioning the untimely passing of a friend of mine, Carl Barbarin. This is hard to process considering that he was just online participating in discussions at 2 am today. Waking up to find out about his passing is scary  This death has come as a shocker to all of us in the band community.

Here we have a young man in his 30's just trying to carry out a mission of teaching music. He Grew Up in New Orleans where he participated in the band at Carver High School, Though attending multiple universities, He earned his degree in music at Talladega College where he also participated in the band.

I marched with Carl at Texas Southern University, but I knew him since about 2003,
Carl was a cool guy, but serious about his career choice. All he wanted to do was be a success and give back It hurts to know that he's passed away,

It's not easy saying this but Rest In Peace Carl Barbarin, you'll be missed!
It's so mich else that i can say, but I'm still boggled after reading so much. and Honestly, I was recently sick and should have checked in. This scares me, I lost 2 friends to health issues in 2016 and I don't wanna pass away in my 30's.  This was just too soon.

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