Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Alphabet Club | The Interest.

When You're in college, you find interest in anything that brings you some kind of clout our status. Although my time was fairly short at TxSU I found myself  having interest is a few fraternal organizations. Two of those organizations were near by, the others were a bit out of reach.

To Be Blunt about Two of them, They were music related fraternities that were very popular among the band members, one of them particularly did great things for the band, they other hadn't regained it's charter until 2 years after I left.. But the members of both organizations had major responsibilities within the band program their influence was grear, and I was all for it. Yeah, I wanted to be down. A big reason why is because most of the members were great people. secondly. I just liked to see them in action, Steppin' or hosting some event on campus. It was all great IMO.

But My Own personal financial issues kept me from staying in school, It's been 10 years and I'm still paying for my time there, But aside from that. even if I would have stayed, I would have needed to make the grade. and that probably wouldn't have happened so soon. After a while, I felt that There was no need to desire to be part of those groups, especially for not being in school. But I can admit, I love what they do and it's part of the reason I give back to the local band community through my Org, NOLA-B.  We're not a fraternity, but a non profit with a great mission to promote excellence through music.  

I Originally created a post about this subject on facebook. referring to these organizations as "The Alphabet Club" because they're Greek Lettered Organization. This brought me to create a wrestling faction in WWE 2k17 Video game mimicking the logo of the NJPW / ROH Faction "The Bullet Club". as seen below this caused me to dish out other versions of that logo as well
The Alphabet Club: What You See Is What You Get - 4-LIFE! lol 

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