Sunday, December 18, 2016

Using Grammarly. The Insights!

This Grammarly Chrome extension is working wonders for me. So far, it's made me feel a bit superior in my writing already. receiving the insights made me feel a lot better about my writing skills. Considering the fact that I am 32 years old and should already know this stuff, I don't feel ashamed at admitting that I'm not that great of a writer, There's always room for improvement.

The Insights for my first week of use was such a major help, and is the reason I will continue to use as well as recommend the product!  The email came in a fancy shareable infographic-like image. which reminded me of where my skills are. Here's what I have so far.

6640 words were checked,
Grammarly states that I've written more words than 94% of Grammarly users
Either that's a great thing, or it shows that not enough people are using the the way that I've been using it. (just my assumption)

265 Corrections were made
Grammarly states that I'm more accurate than 35% of users.
This means I need WORK!, But it's GREAT to know that I have a challenge on my hands!

596 Unique words used,
Grammarly determined that I have a Greater vocabulary than 86% of its users.
This was once again a major eye opener. yet it could also still mean there aren't enough users. but this one makes me feel great about the service and about my own vocabulary skills. I for one, Didn't think I had such a great vocabulary. but this proved me wrong. I feel great about that!.

These stats were made with the Free version of the service.
The Premium Service found 182 additional mistakes, such as formatting and other things.
It also will not help you correct the issues until subscribed. the good thing is that it still lets you know that something is wrong. which gives you more reason to proofread and attempt at correcting the issues to the best of your knowledge.

Grammarly has done me well, the cool part is, there's a referral system which will give you a week of free premium access per subscriber. awesome system, right?

On that note Please visit the website by clicking the link below and give one of their apps or extensions a try!.
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