Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's Been A Minute.

So much has happened and I've been Absent. Absent from blogging due to distractions. There's lots of work to be done. I've got photography work which hasn't been completed. There was an event in February, as well as Mardi Gras. On my part, I've wasted time playing Xbox. Ever since I got the online subscription, I've been on Gears of War & Borderlands 2. Time-consuming distractions! I need a balance.

I've been getting things prepared on the front of my Organization too. We've got two new board members, I'm excited about that. I mainly deal with the internal, not the external business for the group. My Niche is Technology, though. My purpose is to maintain the matrix. It's less than what I should be doing. I've got to step up my game.

During parade season I did some walking with the bands. All of them! On Endymion night, I got some bad news. Someone from my old neighborhood, who also attended Texas Southern as well. Chyna, Known to many as a drag performer, was a transgender woman. I knew her as a male form as Walter. Chyna moved back to New Orleans just last year to be with family. I was at her grandma's birthday, Hired to video the event. In that video, there was a clip of Chyna dancing. I posted it just a day after I heard about the Murder. It was something that came as a shocking to everyone that knew her. My College crab sister (band mate) was very upset. Her and Chyna were close. What was worse is, She came to N.O for Zulu Ball and didn't get to see Chyna. Such a Tragedy.

That isn't the only Murder that shook the city. There were 2 other Transwomen killed. There has also been a host of women killed since January, Not only in New Orleans but in the State of Louisiana. I hate that this city is so violent. I hate to hear of all these women and children are being killed. Last week a woman and her 3 kids were shot, one child survived. I found out later that day that I knew the father of the 2 children that were killed, He's distraught.

Personally, I try to live my life based on the biblical commandments, I do this without condemning everybody. At most I can pray for the family and try to be of some kind of comfort if I can. I hope this violence is suppressed somehow. Way too many people have died in this short time of 2017. I hate it.

- Book
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