Sunday, April 09, 2017

After the L and then some.

The beginning of this month began on a sour note. After being banned from a Facebook group, I was taunted for my reaction. At some point, I was tagged into the new discussion only to be dragged into more drama. I tried to apologize and defend myself by explaining my reason to post the screenshots. They didn't care. They tagged more people into this post to try and get me to do as they do. I left it alone after realizing how this group of fools thrived off of their own garbage. They normally do the same thing I did. The difference is, I'm not in their circle. They continued to go berzerk. It made them feel good, I guess.

Because I referred to their group concept as racist, I was told that I am no friend to women They then accused me of being a coon and a homophobe. Their claim is that I was touting for white folks. Yes, these were black people. I explained myself enough, after that the truth can only be accepted. I Then realized I was only in a group where all of these folks were trying to validate each other by ripping on other peoples opinions. For the most part, this group was full of women who act like they hate everything. A self-righteous liberated group if you ask me.

In other news, the past 3 months have been odd. There's this situation that I can't speak on directly in detail. I'll put it this way, though. Sometimes opening your door to folks can cause some haywire. For 3 months, mainly last month, the flow of things in my household had been screwed up. You give somebody a roof to lay their head because they're down and out but they unintentionally cause problems by being too secretive. It's not okay to just hide things like food around somebodies house, but you're eating the food they provide. There's way more to it than that.

I'm off.
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