Sunday, April 02, 2017

I'll take my L

At the moment I'm being ranked on for posting screenshots of a situation.
I was banned from a group after asking "Why be racist?" the banishment gave me a reason to screenshot the convo.
Posting those comments elsewhere caused me to get thrashed. I also posted about it on my page and was called homophobic pseudo hotep. I'm unsure where that came from. Truthfully, I wasn't clear on the fact that the group was a black only group.Questioning authority is the reason they banned me, The follow up claiming had more to do with something I wasn't part of. With that said, I'm getting flack for taking the screenshots mainly. I didn't know the moderator was so notable. At most, I was banned because they assumed I was associated with a slew of drama that I had no clue about until getting the backfire. When they came beneath my page calling me homophobic and other things. That took it to a new level. Now they're going in on me. I left it alone though {etty moves deserve that kind of backlash. I sent the responding moderator a message after he posted on my page, just to apologize for the misunderstanding. I'll admit, I was wrong for posting the screenshots Allegedly "name dropping" so I'll take my L for that.

At most, I didn't tell her anything disrespectful in the process, that's the wild part.

They're trapped in the code, I see beyond it.
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