Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Just Read the Advocate Article about Deborah Cotton's Passing

I wrote this initially on Facebook.

I can't Believe "Big Red" is gone! You'll be missed Deborah Cotton.

I met Deborah among a few NOLA Bloggers in 2009 at Octavia Books during a C-Span taping and book release of Ethan Brown's Shake The Devil Off. Long before the social media boom, I was a reader of her work, as well as her personal blog.

We became friend due to our mutual friendships (and hanging out with Lisa Palumbo) as well as our appreciation for the things that made NOLA culturally sound. It was always great to be in her presence. You could feel her spirit as bright as day, I'm shocked by her passing. She will forever be an inspiration to me.

Just the other day I mentioned to someone how great of a writer and thinker Deborah she is.
Rest In Power Deborah!

Very Sad Day in N.O.

Here's a link to the article via the Advocate (Click here)
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