Saturday, July 15, 2017

After the Nostalgia Pop.

Bands Play old band tunes make "old heads" and bandheads happy, but after that, who are you? just a band playing old songs? nostalgia only helps when adhering to tradition.not always a good thing for tune selection.

How about
: The Temptations Review"

We know the story....
In the 80's when Ollie Woodson joined the group, it was the Last Hoorah for the band. the sound was different and they made new albums up until Ollie took sick.

otherwise Blue toured with Roger Troutman as a member of Zapp, Richard Street went solo and so did Dennis Edwards

Yet Stil Dennis founded "The Temptations Review" to make money off of Nostolgia..otherwise his solo career was DONE.

Then there's the band currently functioning as "Harold Melvin's Blue Notes"
The sound may be similar to the original guys from albums,, but in essence, they're just Cover bands, once you realize they're not the guys who originally sang the songs, you no longer want to hear them. especially if trying to make New Albums.

With that said, in Marching band, It doesn't hurt to try something new.
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