Sunday, June 30, 2019

I am tired of being shut down

Everyday everything I say is being questioned. Everybody is combating my thoughts, nobody is listening. I cannot hold a conversation, I can't even State how I feel because nobody cares. But they want to dictate how I do what I do. I can't make a statement without it being rejected. I cannot say a word without having some type of rebuttal. I can't get a complete sentence out because I'm constantly being cut off.

They think that it's funny to reference me as encyclopedia, as Google as all of these things, they think that all I worry about is computers. That is not the case. There is a reason I explain things in detail but nobody wants to listen and that is why they fail. But I'm the big dummy that apparently knows everything. That's not the case. It's not about what I know or what I don't know, it's about are you willing to listen? Are you listening? Can we hold a conversation without negative remarks? Why am I the bad guy? All I ever do is try to do right by my people and they reject me and I'm done with this. I'm just tired. From now on I will not say a word I would just allow things to happen because nobody wants me, and nobody needs me. I will do for myself and let them be.

So messed up that my own family doesn't care about what I have to say, you don't have friends all over the United States that I can't even talk to you in person and they respect my opinion. Why am I not felt you was in my own home but Bill you everywhere else? That is insane talk to me. I love my family but I'm constantly being shut down for no reason. And when things go wrong who do they come to?. I may not have a job but I have money when they need it. I may not have a license but I get to where I'm going when I need to get where I'm going. They don't even care about what I do with your laughter it's done. That's the world I live in. And I'm ready to get out of it. No privacy, I can't talk, nothing. But the minute I get quiet so it's going to be a real problem because I'm going to get out of there.

We moved in my grandmother's old house. And I'm sitting here in the room with my dog that nobody seems to care about. I tried to not stress myself about nothing but they all come to me stressful things and I can't even say anything to them about my own issues. But I'm talking to a screen at the moment, and it accepts my words. Maybe I need to get back to blogging everyday.

Hey Blogspot, I used to talk to you all the time but I'm sorry I haven't been here. The world is a terrible place, and hopefully I'll be here to tell you about it

Pure insanity.


Jada.Orleans said...

I get it, and you are not akone. Everyone goes through their own trauma and not everyone is ready to face themselves; so it’s not you that’s being combated but their own ego and thoughts. They can’t begin to comprehend what you have to share and bless them with. You know you are divine right? Well if you dont look at yourself and then those around you. Your light fears those who aren’t ready to be shined upon. Don’t be down. Get up and do something about it

Book said...

Thanks, I don't want to come across as a person that hates my family. I love them dearly. It is only when I try to be informal when they come against me. My thoughts, suggestions etc. they're not being challenged, I barely can hold a conversation with some of them. When I try I'm told to be quiet. or brushed off as if I don't know better. The seniority complex is real.
My whole thing is. I'm just trying to have a conversation and I constantly get dismissed because nobody wants to hear me out.

This is why I blog!! lol